Hello world! Welcome to my health and fitness blog – Squats and Coffee ❤

I’m Angie, aka Fittie Gie, and am a 20-something fit gal who moved from her home-state of Utah, to Cali for college and then back to Utah for her career in marketing! I was a Zumba instructor for 4 years and have been lifting weights ever since my mom brought me into the weight room in 8th grade (shoutout to my mom and her #bicepgoals). I’m very sassy, sarcastic and stubborn at times but I’m also silly, bubbly and caring. On S+C you will find the workouts I do, the things I eat, updates on my fitness journey and plenty of rants + raves!

Fun facts: I’ve got a big booty and thighs that make me who I am and am proud of being #thickfit. I’m naturally blonde but feel the need to dye my hair red and be wild every couple of months because YOLO. My fitness Instagram is @fittiegie and my YouTube is Fittie Gie – so follow me boos 😉 (shameless self promo there)

Welp…that’s me. Follow my blog and come get fit and healthy with me!

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