Week of Workouts | KH Spring Challenge

Another week of Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge has come and gone. This week I wanted to give you guys an insight into what I’m doing workout-wise. Katy has 5 strength training workouts to complete within a week and also recommends you do some sort of cardio everyday. Here’s what my Week 2 of workouts looked like…

Monday (feeling good)

  • 20 mins LISS (low intensity steady state cardio on spin bike) 

Tuesday (feeling good)

  • Workout #1 
  • 20 mins LISS (spin bike)

Wednesday (busy af)

  • rest day

Thursday (mood: hell ya)

  • Workout #2
  • 20 mins LISS (walking)

Friday (feeling good)

  • Workout #4
  • 20 mins LISS (spin bike)

Saturday (this workout is a killer)

  • Workout #3

Sunday (was concerned going into this but I kicked ass)

  • Workout #5
  • HIIT sprints
  • sand volleyball game

fitness journey
So – there you have it. That is all of the workouts for this week of the challenge. During Thursday’s workout I felt amazing because I worked out in shorts and a sports bra for the first time and felt so strong and confident. Saturday’s workout is the one I struggled with last week because it’s such high volume and my arms felt like noodles halfway through. Today’s workout had me dreading it from the start. It’s 5 rounds of two different circuits and HIIT sprints after. But! I kicked major ass and finished everything. Mind over matter, people. Overall, I’m feeling really good about this week’s workouts. I didn’t hit my cardio goal, however, which was cardio everyday and HIIT twice during the week. But I’ll keep working towards my goals and smash them next week! TTYL fam ❤


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