Katy Hearn Spring Challenge | Week 1 Overview

Happy Monday and Week 2 of Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge! I am happy to say that I have already made some great progress on this plan! Here are my highlights from last week and thoughts about the challenge so far…

Progress & Highlights

  • I lost a total of 3.8 lbs during Week 1 🤗

I am super stoked about this! I didn’t start this challenge to lose a specific amount of weight, but rather to lean out overall and get stronger. However, this is a great sign that my body is responding to these macros! I cannot wait to start losing inches and start to see some definition in my muscles.

  • I survived my first major temptation

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you know that I had to bartend my parents big Italian themed dinner party Friday and didn’t have one bit of lasagna or gelato or alcohol. It really sucked at the time but I felt empowered and proud of my determination and willpower after the fact.

  • My first cheat meal!

I made it until Sunday night to have my first cheat meal and damn it was worth the wait. My sand volleyball team and I went to a bar before our game and I treated myself to some Pacificos (my beer of choice), an east-coast style slice of pizza and split a basket of fries with everyone. It was glorious 😂


I knew the first week was going to be tough and it was. Monday through Friday I felt like I was hungry and moody 24-7 and was awful to be around (in my opinion lol). However I found the weekend to be much easier, surprisingly. Today at work I was shocked that I wasn’t reaching for my lunch at 10 or 11am like I was last week and didn’t have my snack until 3pm. It’s good to know that my body is adjusting and I’m not going to be a hangry mess for the next 7 weeks.

Two of the five workouts were not smooth sailing, lol. Workout #3 which was Abs, Back & Bis had me struggling, not because it was too difficult but because I was so exhausted. After working all day and bartending at my parents party I headed to the gym at 10pm with a pounding headache and empty stomach. Not the smartest of ideas but I didn’t have time to do the workout earlier and I needed to get it in. I pushed through the workout and refueled after. Workout #5 which was Circuits and Sprints murdered me. The first circuit had my legs shaking (it didn’t help that I did legs the day before) and the upper body circuit was tougher than expected. But! I got through it and finished off with sprints.

All in all, I’m really happy with this plan so far! My body is responding to the macro ratios and the workouts are pushing me! I am so excited to see what progress is in store for me and to keep challenging myself. TTYL fam ❤

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