Katy Hearn Spring Challenge | The Start

Happy Monday fam. Today is the day –  the official start of Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge. I am so excited to start this 8-week journey and I have a ton of goals to smash over the next 2 months.

Where I’m Starting

We all start somewhere, so here are my starting stats! I am not going to hide anything from you all over the next 8 weeks. If I have a slip up or don’t hit my goals – you’re going to know about it. But when I kill my goals you best beleive I’m going to shout it from rooftops…

Starting weight: 148.4 lbs 

Waist: 29.5″

Bicep: 11.5″ L ; 11.5″ R

Hip: 35″

Thigh: 24.25″ L ; 23.75″ R

Fresh face in the AM is always a cute look for before pics 😂

Where I’m Going

You can’t progress if you don’t have an idea of where you’re going. So here are my initial goals for these next 8 weeks. I may switch up some of my goals or set new ones once I hit different goals. With goal setting, it’s crucial to set SMART goals. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time Based.

  • Lose 2+ inches off of my waist in these 8 weeks
  • Increase my sprint speed from 8.5 mph to 9.0 mph for entire HIIT workouts
  • Increase pushup ability to 20 continuous with good form
  • Lose 1+ inch of of my thighs in these 8 weeks

I like setting measurement goals as well as strength goals because fitness isn’t solely about looking good. I want to build strength during these 8 weeks and become a better athlete.

I am so excited to push myself for the next 8 weeks and come out stronger mentally and physically. I will be vlogging sporadically throughout my journey so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! TTYL fam ❤


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