Why One Cheat Day Won’t Make You Fat

Good morning fam and Happy Saturday! I am officially done with my yolo week and am preparing to start Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge on Monday! Over the past week I have balanced my splurges with great workouts and wanted to share something with y’all.

Back in the day, I use to obsess over my fitness & health journey. I would slip up and have something “bad” to eat and have a “cheat” day and feel like I had let myself down and spoiled all of my progress. Flash-forward to now where I fully understand that we’re all human and “slip-ups” are not the death of us. I enjoy splurges or cheat meals and realize it won’t stop me from killing my workout the next day. You’ve probably heard the saying, “One burger won’t make you fat and one salad won’t make you skinny”. I’m paraphrasing but you get the point. Eating healthy for one day isn’t going to get you abs over night and going yolo-balls-to-the-wall on junk food one day isn’t going to have you waking up 10 lbs heavier the next. Need proof?


This was the morning after I ate an insanely gigantic calzone for dinner and split cheese bread with friends. I haven’t magically gained a ton of weight over night nor do I have a huge belly. I am my normal shape. Yes, I may be a little bloated but – one day didn’t make me “fat”.

Transformations, good or bad, take weeks and months. That’s why it is so crucial to be consistent with your fitness journey. Regardless if you want to bulk or lean, you need to be putting in consistent effort week after week to see results.

So! I hope this helps some of you realize a couple of slip ups aren’t the end of the world. Don’t be so hard on yourself that cheat meals are a way you judge your worth. You are beautiful and capable whether you eat clean all day or devour a pint of Halo Top for dinner.

Happy Saturday fam ❤

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