Full Day of Eating (weening myself off the junk)

Happy end of Hump Day fitfam! Look I’ve posted so much this past week aren’t y’all proud?? Lol anyways I’m here to show you my Full Day of Eating! 

So you may not know that I am starting Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge starting Saturday (3 days!) and I’ve been a little (a lot) lax in my nutrition. This week has been full of lots of Halo Top, chocolate covered almonds and office treats. I wanted to have a little junk before I kick my ass into gear for these 8 weeks and it’s time to reel myself back in. So today I kept track of everything I ate and here’s what we got…

Breakfast (it’s a biggie)

  • Banana
  • Raw almond butter (both were going to be my mid morning snack buuuut life felt differently)
  • 3 eggs
  • Sweet potato, red potato and spinach hash (cooked with extra virgin olive oil)
  • Coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch/Snacks (so odd…I’ve been snacking throughout the day at work instead of a lunch break)

  • Cup of Pineapple
  • Cup of Watermelon
  • Salt & pepper popped rice cakes
  • Brown rice and quinoa with ground turkey breast and sautéed mushroom and onions (that were cooked in extra virgin olive oil)
  • Grande nonfat latte

Dinner? (I had pottery class til 9 so “dinner” is a stretch…let’s say pre bedtime snacks)

  • Banana
  • Raw almond butter
  • Cup of frozen fruit

Okay so all in all this was A LOT better then the last week. I was letting myself go a little wild in terms of what I was eating. Takeaways: I had too much fruit in my opinion and not enough protein. Also probably ate more than maintenance calories (not tracking at the moment). However! I am not on a plan right now and I’m mentally preparing to get super focused and strict with the Spring Challenge. So my goals for the next two days are to slowly improve my eating habits so I’m not completely devastated when I can’t have dark chocolate covered almonds on a whim. Remember fam, food is fuel not a means to punish yourself or stress yourself or hate yourself. If you eat like shit one day – there’s always the next. I’ll try to do at least one Full Day of Eating a week for the next 8 weeks so you guys can see what I can eat on Katy Hearn’s plan! Lookout for the next post in a few days! 

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