Why Weight Isn’t Important

Oh boy – another post about weight and the infamous scale. If you’ve perused my blog you’ve seen posts saying “screw the scale” and “look at my weight loss”. Well fam, here’s the truth…

Weight really doesn’t matter (for the most part). By this I mean, if you’re healthy – weight doesn’t really matter, in my opinion. If you’re obese or have a medical condition caused by your weight then yes – it matters. 

For me, my weight should not be something that matters to me. I am healthy and in good physical shape. Whether I weigh 150 lbs or 140 lbs should NOT be something I obsess over because of “the number” or “being skinnier”. Let me explain a little more…

The above picture shows me throughout the last 6 months. My highest weight during this period was around 150 lbs and my lowest (not pictured) was 142 lbs. I spent a lot of my adolescence being obsessed with getting that number lower and lower, never happy with how I looked or the number on the scale. Now? I’m not very phased by it. See, in that picture above I am happiest in the last two. Not because I look “better” but because I slowly realized I am so much more than my weight or how flat my stomach is that day. I love myself – and it took a damn long time to get here. Weight fluctuates. You can wake up tomorrow 2 lbs lighter and your water intake, digestion and workout can leave you with that 2 lbs back on the next day. That’s the way our bodies work and our weight is not a direct reflection of our fitness or worth. 

Now I’m not going to lie, a part of me wants to weight under 140 lbs. I haven’t been that “light” since high school and a part of me wants to prove to myself I can do it. Now, using weight to set goals is A-OKAY in my book. Weight can be a great measure of your progress (but it is certainly not the only measure). The wrong approach to this however would be striving for that number on the scale because it would make me feel worthier. Getting to 139.9 lbs won’t make me more successful at work, get me a caring boyfriend or help me love myself. Yes there might be a buzz of accomplishment, but if I don’t value myself in other ways, I won’t value myself long term.

So! There you go. Weight isn’t something you should put on a pedestal. If you look at my photo again, the highest weight doesn’t necessarily look “the worst”. I am getting ready to start a fitness challenge and am super excited to see what progress I can make. But! If I end these 8 weeks with ab definition, more strength and leaner legs AND am still around 150 lbs – I’ll be a happy girl and hella proud of myself. 

I hope this helps you realize that weight isn’t something that should stress you out or that you should have an unhealthy relationship with. It’s just a stupid fucking number. ❤️

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