Why I Took A Social Media Break & How I’m Diving In

Good Morning fitfam! It’s been a while since I last wrote and this time it was on purpose and not me being lazy and forgetful…

I chose to take a social media break for one big reason and one reason alone – it was hurting my fitness journey. Now you’re probably thinking – how could posting fitness pictures/workouts hurt your fitness journey? Well here’s how:

I was so caught up in posting pictures regularly, getting likes and upping my follower count that I was losing sight of why I workout. I was skipping workouts because I couldn’t film the specific one I needed to that day and forcing myself to do workouts just for the content. The whole process began to feel like a chore and not a passion.

So here I am now, three months later. I’m ready to turn my attention back to my page and bring back the passion and positivity. Which brings me to my next topic – I am doing a fitness challenge! Katy Hearn’s Spring Challenge to be more specific. I am soooo thrilled I took the leap and bought the program and also ridiculously nervous. I am been pretty lax with myself over the past three months. I’ve gained some weight back but still feel strong in my body and am by no means disappointed in myself. However, I really needed some outside support and a push so this challenge was the perfect way for me to get that.

The Spring Challenge starts April 15th and I promise I will document all of my struggles, triumphs, physical reactions and opinions about the program! I am so excited for this because 1) Katy Hearn is a fitness goddess and not only can my transformation be incredible with this program but I know my strength will go up 2) if you’ve seen her workout clips they’re different and challenging and 100% what I need right now to get motivated again 3) I’ve never really been a part of a fitness community and I’m excited to meet some great women who can help motivate me to reach my goals and vice versa.

So, there it is! That’s how I’m diving back into my fitness goals and I am so so excited for these 8 weeks on the Spring Challenge. I will be posting weekly about the whole experience and giving you updates on my physique as well as how my strength is improving/changing. If you’d like to follow my journey on Instagram – check me out here!

Happy Sunday fam and smash those workouts today ❤

One thought on “Why I Took A Social Media Break & How I’m Diving In

  1. Nick Berardi says:

    Great write-ups. I’m sure you’ll be a good motivator and inspiration to alot of women. Actually…. you made me realize that I need to squat more so you’ll inspire men too 🙂 Stay strong.


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