Full Day Of Eating #4weekminicut

Hey guys! I’m two weeks into my 4 week mini cut and it’s been a little rocky. I didn’t eat that well or track last week due to feeling off so this is my get back on track week! I’m going to break down everything I ate yesterday and the calorie/macro breakdown…

Full Day Of Eating


– 2 fried eggs

– 2 pieces of turkey bacon

– a red potato

– a little extra virgin olive oil

– brewed coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Snack 1

– one medium apple

– pack of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter


– Ancient Harvest red lentil rotini pasta

– chicken breast with rosemary and onion powder

Snack 2

– one medium apple

Dinner / Post Workout

– scoop of Vega chocolate plant protein powder

– one medium banana

– cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

– ice

– topped with 1/4 cup Kashi Go Lean cinnamon granola cereal

That’s it! I felt pretty good about my meals yesterday and got pretty close to my goal macros! Here’s the breakdown:

So I’m on track to hit my weight loss goals! My protein macro % wasn’t where I’d like it but that’s always my biggest struggle. Always something to work on 🙂 I’ll try to do one FDOE a week so you guys can see what I’m doing and what my go-to meals are!


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