Oh boy, I’m back

Oops, I did it again. I swear I’ll get better at this (but then again I always say that 😉 ) It’s been a hot minute since I’ve given y’all the rundown on my fitness journey. And per usual it hasn’t been what I’ve expected. But – here.we.go!

So September has come and gone. I’m a year older, living in my own swanky apartment and still employed. So I’m winning in that respect. 🙂 In terms of my fitness I’ve gotten a gym membership at VASA fitness, got my body analysis done (more on that later) and have started tracking calories and macros again.

The big picture here is a decided I want to be lean and strong. I had my body fat measured at 25% for 152 lbs. Now I have a fun trip coming up (hello Cancun girls trip ❤ ) and I want to look fleeky for that. (The slang is coming in hot today, be prepared.)

I currently have 50 days until my trip. Two weeks ago I was down to 149 lbs but of course something had to derail that aka a gnarly cold. So not quite sure where I’m at but I’ve decided to NOT weigh until the first week of November. This way I can track macros/cals without getting too caught up in the scale. I don’t want to get discouraged that I’ve gained some weight back and slack or get stoked on losing weight and slack, lol. This way I keep myself in the dark and pay attention to how my body is looking and not how the number on the scale is slowly changing.

Here are my goals for this trip as well as the end of the year 🙂

By November 30th:

  • weight 139 (or less)
  • lose 2 inches off my thighs
  • be able to complete 20 pushups – no breaks, with good form

By December 31st:

  • weight 137 lbs (or less)
  • body fat at 20% (or less)
  • squat 150 lbs

I have so hefty goals but I know I can smash them! My plan consists of a ~600 ish caloric deficit and pretty balanced macros as well as low weight, high rep resistance training with my favorite – HIIT cardio – mixed in. The countdown is on to hit my goals and I am determined to finally put in the consistent work and achieve what I want.

Be on the lookout for posts every Sunday detailing what I’m doing, any adventures and progress of course! Til next time, luvs ❤


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