Do It For Strength

Good morning #fitfam and welcome to today’s chat. I’m going to breakdown the #doitforstrength mindset/movement I’m advocating every fit person switch to.

So what does #doitforstrength even mean? This little hashtag symbolizes the mental shift in someone’s personal fitness journey that dismisses getting fit and healthy to look good and instead drives them towards being fit and healthy to reach their body’s physical potential.

Someone’s fitness journey shouldn’t be about achieving abs so that they feel good at the beach. Instead, I believe, that the journey should be about finding self-love and acceptance through uncovering the strength and potential they had in themselves all along.

Here’s how I’m going to #doitforstrength:

  • Less scale time. I am notorious for saying the scale is bullshit (see this for reference) and then weighing myself once a week anyways. I am going to focus on how much stronger and healthier I can become through this fitness journey instead of how lean I can get. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be lean. However, I don’t want to be obsessing about my weight and body fat and be neglecting my levels of fitness and my strength. Here’s my thought on being lean without the physical strength aspect: Would I want to be the girl that looks perfect but can’t do 20 pushups? Personally, I would hate that. I would much rather be my current physique and be able to be a gym-beast than look good with no strength. DO NOT GET ME WRONG. You can totally achieve both. There are plenty of girls out there that look ahhhmazing and can bust out 10 pullups like a champ. However, I can’t focus on aesthetics right off the bat when I’m still finding my strength.
  • Challenging myself. This is one of the biggest things, I believe, in anyone’s fitness journey. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. You need to be constantly pushing yourself to achieve anything great in life. Fitness is no different. There are no quick fixes and no magic pills. You need to sweat your ass off to earn that ass. #doitforstrength is also about owning the tough parts of the fitness journey – realizing that it takes hard work to be strong. Fitness isn’t just about physical strength, but mental strength as well. When times get tough, we have to just #doitforstrength.

So there’s my little rant/semi-motivational speech for you guys. I will be hashtaging #doitforstrength on my Instagram photos and challenge you all to do it! Remember, it’s not about the abs, but what you can do with your body.

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