What’s The Deal, Ang?

Fam! I am so sorry for being ridiculously M.I.A. But I have a bunch of exciting updates for y’all! (so hopefully that makes up for it 😉 )

So it’s been a month since I’ve updated y’all with my fitness journey and A LOT has changed. If you’ve been keeping up with my YouTube channel (click here!) you’re still in the loop! (if you don’t want to miss out I suggest being subscribed to YouTube as well as here and Insta 🙂 )

Let’s breakdown what’s been going on, shall we?

  1. No more Mini Cut. Surprise, surprise. I’m sure most of you figured I dropped that once the posts stopped coming in. The reason I stopped my 4 Week Mini Cut is because, honestly guys, I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t motivated to do it, didn’t really understand why I was forcing myself to (I’m not competing or prepping for a photoshoot) and I was stressing myself out on top of all the other stress I was dealing with (details to follow). So I said to myself, HEY SELF, what the hell are you doing? This led me to have a mini “real talk” with myself with why I was desperately trying to be lean like everyone else. I’ve been going at this fitness journey with the mindset of “abs will solve it all” or “if I’m lean I’ll be proud of being fit and healthy”. That’s not true! You can be fit and healthy and happy and not be shredded and this is what I’m learning.
  2. #doitforstrength. This is my new motto and I encourage all of you to adopt it as your own. Fitness and health isn’t about having abs, or being 16% body fat or looking like a goddess in a bikini. Yes, those are all nice self-validating things that may come along with being fit and healthy but it should not be the end goal. So I’ve shifted my mindset to not being obsessed with the way I look (work in progress) and focusing more on building my actual strength and taking pride in what my body can do!
  3. NEW LIFE. No joke, I have a completely new life. Some of you may know that I graduated college in Business/Marketing in California in June of this year. Well people, I have moved back to my home-state of Utah to start my big-girl-adult job of working at a digital marketing agency. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and am so happy I came back. Not only is it freaking gorgeous here but I’m surrounded by family and it’s a fresh start. Another part of my new life is I chopped all my hair off! I went from hair that went down to my hips to hair that touches my collarbone and I am SO IN LOVE. I’ve had ridiculously long hair for the majority of my life and I almost feel more myself with this new hairdo! My last exciting update is that I will be moving into my first adult-all-payed-by-me-welcome-to-real-life apartment in 2 weeks! I am so thrilled and it’s gonna be lit and classy and I will 100% be doing a YouTube vlog/tour for you all. (so go subscribe! 😉 )
  4. I may have food allergies? More on this to come but I am officially on Day 2 of no dairy, no gluten and feel decent so far. I am also on Day 2 of no coffee because (as the title of this blog suggests) I am addicted to coffee. And you know what? Coffee doesn’t like me much. It doesn’t wake me up and hurts me stomach and doesn’t let me sleep. So buh-bye old friend – until we meet again!
  5. I RESTARTED BBG! This is probably the update that affects y’all the most, lol. I am finishing up Week 1 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide today and am feeling good! The reason why I switched over is because time is super valuable right now. I’m working full-time and the last thing I want to do some days after work is drag myself to the gym. So I decided to pick up BBG again, something that take me 20 minutes tops and that I can do in my own home! Obviously I can’t give up my lovely weights so I’ve been supplementing BBG with some heavy weight training sessions throughout the week.

Well guys, I think that’s it! Hopefully you got through that in one piece. It’s a lot of new stuff in just one month but I am so excited for these next 11 weeks of BBG. Last time I did it I got great arm progress (check it out here) and I’m hungry to make more progress!

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