4 Week Mini Cut – round 2 – Week 2 recap

Week twoooooooooo. Okay y’all it’s real talk time. Week 2 kinda sucked. I got the stomach flu and got frustrated with counting macros so I decided to reboot and came up with a new, positive mindset (more of that in another post). Buuuut, here’s the recap of Week 2!


Monday – rest

Tuesday – bbg arms + abs and heavy weight upper body

Wednesday – heavy weight legs

Thursday – Spin class

Friday – bbg legs

Saturday – heavy weight full body

Sunday – hiit sprints and bbg full body


To be honest it was all over the place. My mom visited me Monday and Tuesday and I wanted to celebrate my time with her and go out to eat and not stress about my macros. The rest of the week didn’t go so well either. I got the stomach flu and of course all I wanted to do was eat Saltines and soup and not worry about how those macros were. I then decided I was just sooo burned out on macros and counting. Read this to understand why I switched up my eating.


Okay so this week wasn’t the greatest as I’ve said many times. However, there’s still 2 weeks left of this cut and I’m going to make the most of it. My measurements have stayed the same although my weight has fluctuated (per usual). I’m going to be focusing on my high intensity interval cardio this week to try to shed some of this fat. My motivation levels tanked this week but I have a new mindset that is going to help me get back to my passion for fitness. Be on the lookout for a post about that in the upcoming days! Have a great Monday, fitfam! ❤

image1 (2)

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