Macros No More

Hey y’all. So I’m halfway through my mini cut and I’ve hit a slump. I am over tracking. Calories and macros – it’s all too much right now. It seems I go through this after a period of serious calorie/macro tracking where I JUST CAN’T anymore. So let’s talk about this and how I’m going to keep up with my goals.

Why This Isn’t Working

So aside from being over the monotony of tracking there are other reasons it’s just not working. (lol why does this feel like a breakup?) I’ve noticed that tracking lately has allowed me to slack on my typical healthy eating. Halo Top chocolate ice cream and Lenny and Larry’s Complete Protein cookies ARE NOT HEALTHY (even though I want them to be oh-so-badly). These things are a great substitute for the usual guilty pleasures but not ideal for losing body fat. Abs are made in the kitchen and I need to dial in on what I’m fueling my body with! Another reason why it’s not working is the amount I’m eating. Tracking my macros got me into the habit of eating when I’m not hungry (to hit my macros) and also eat more than my goal and justify it because my macros % were good. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Calories in vs calories out is the way to lose fat, lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, etc, etc. No magical macro ratios are going to make me lose weight when I eat too much. So no more macros for now. But now what?

How I’m Going About This

So no tracking means I’m going to be switching to intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is simply mindful eating (eating when you’re hungry and making healthy choices). I’ll need to stay away from the temptations (bye bye protein cookies and Halo Top ice cream) and focus on eating 3 meals a day with one post workout meal/snack. I haven’t always had a good relationship with food so I need to put all the numbers aside and focus on eating things that are going to fuel my workouts and give me proper energy.

Let’s Do This

So I have a plan – now it’s time to put it into action. I’m going through a crazy transition right now (big move, new job, new apartment, new city) and I’m relieved to take it easy on the fitness/nutrition stress I put on myself. So here we go! Be on the lookout for a Full Day of Eating video on YouTube and possibly an Intuitive Eating vs Macros video. Til next time fam. ❤

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