Happy Hump Day! My day was made by Mr. Mailman when he delivered my Gymshark sports bra! Ahhhh. Guys…it’s fab.

So before I spam y’all with pics let’s talk Gymshark. I have been following this brand ever since I saw it on Instagram/YouTube goddess Nikki Blackketter. If you don’t know who she is go check her out now! She was my motivation for starting my fitness YT and is all over an amazing person and super real. Anyways, once I saw Nikki in Gymshark I was like – what is this adorably dope fitness brand? So I went to their site and drooled over everything. But I’m a chicken when it comes to online shopping, so I said – maybe one day. I followed Gymshark on Instagram and would swoon over every new product launch. One day however (last week) I decided, YOLO I’m buying something from this awesome company. So I bought a sports bra (on sale, no shame on the recent college grad ballin’ budgeter thing) and daaa daaaa da daaaaaa – it arrived today!

So first off – it’s comfy as hell. (Sidenote, why do we compare things to hell? Comfy as hell, nice as hell, spunky as hell…pretty sure hell isn’t any of those things…anyways) This sports bra is bae. It’s neon and adorable and screams hey I’m BADASS. Did I mention it has this cool elastic band at the bottom with their name? Super digging that fashion trend right now. So BOOM, here’s your photo spam.

I cannot wait to order more Gymshark…like guys, this is a problem. I could easily drop $200 bucks right now…but #ballinonabudget. So I have devised a way for me to get more Gymshark, but not be a crazy, reckless shopaholic.

GOAL REWARDS. You heard me, fam. For every goal/milestone I hit in this crazy, wonderful fitness journey I’m on, I will reward myself with a fitness/health item/apparel/equipment/shoe/gizmo/etc. So what’s my first milestone to conquer? SNATCH THIS WAIST. I’m going to sculpt this waist until BOOM – sexy mami. My goal for this itty bitty waist is 28.25″, which is 2 inches less than what I measured Day 1 of my cut. But Ang, what are you going to buy? Fam, have you seen those cropped hoodies from Gymshark??? GIMME GIMME. What better way to show off my hard work than with a cute cropped sweatshirt?

So there you have it – my first of many Gymshark items. I love this company and the message they preach and I cannot wait to be my own visionary.

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