4 Week Mini Cut – round 2 – intro

Good morning #fitfam! I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks but I’m back! You might have noticed I started a 6 Week Cut 2 weeks ago (and that the post for it is now gone!). Don’t fret – I’m still doing a cut…things are just being changed a bit…

About this 6 Week Cut I’m not doing – long story short I went on a family vacay for 4th of July and ate some really great food, didn’t have access to a gym, didn’t really have wifi/data/etc and didn’t want family time to be restricted by what I could and couldn’t do. So! I therefore decided to do a 4 Week Mini Cut instead.

I am so excited for this mini cut because there are no events/holidays that could throw this off track.  Also, I feeling good in my body. I’m not doing this cut because I feel like I look awful or anything like that. I’m proud of my body and all that it can do…I just want to get lean to show all the hard work I’ve put in at the gym.

So, Ang, how are you going about this cut? Well, fam, I’m going to track the same as last time, just better. I will being doing a moderate deficit (500 calories) and my macros will be pretty balanced. 32% protein (1 g/lb body weight) – 38% carbs – 29% protein. I got these macros and my caloric goal from GaugeGirlTraining on YouTube and I highly suggest watching Christine’s videos if you need any help with fat loss and macros! Her scientific approach was the perfect solution for me while creating this cut and I’m excited to see how it turns out!

In terms of my workouts, I will be sticking with my 3 heavy weight training days a week (Tues,Thurs,Sat) but will also be throwing something old/new in there. Those of you that have been following me for awhile might remember I did Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide a while back. Well! Time to blow the dust off of it! I will be doing BBG on non-weight training days (Mon,Wed,Fri) as well as doing a HIIT sessions (10-15 mins) or a short run on those days. The HIIT/run sessions may be swapped for a Plyos workout we’ll see 😉

Now let’s talk about goals. I want to lose 5-6 lbs this cut and 2% body fat. I purchased an Aria smart scale by Fitbit a couple of weeks ago and am stoked to track my progress using that! It measures your weight, body fat, BMI, and lean muscle mass so it’ll be easy to see how much muscle versus fat I’m losing on this cut. I also want to lose 2 inches off my waist and get it #snatched! I’ve always wanted a small waist that contrasts my broad shoulders and hips and this is the time people! Two other non-measurement goals are to run 12 miles during this cut and to do 30 pushups straight. Now, running and I have never been homies. Even when I ran cross-country in high school I hated it (hello shin splits) but this is going to change! All I need to do to meet this goal is run 3 miles per week (2 sessions of 1.5 miles) and I’m golden. I just need to push myself outside of my comfort zone and smash this goal. The pushup goal is going to be the most challenging. Right now I can bust out 15 pushups with good form without stopping. I want to be the girl who can just kick some ass and look boss-as-hell while busting out some pushups. It’s gonna happen people! I have scheduled myself to practice pushups 3 times a week and to push myself to get as many straight through with good form as possible.

So, I’m feeling good. I’m energized and ready to kill my goals and slay this cut. Check out my YouTube videos for my cut to get a firsthand view of my weirdness and my progress! Deuces ❤

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