4 Week Mini Cut – the overview

Okay guys…it’s been 4 weeks. These 4 weeks were interesting to say the least and nothing stayed constant. Let’s take a closer look at what worked and what I need to reevaluate for the next cut.

So I’d say Week 1 & 2 went really well. I kept up with my calorie/macro goal fairly well and got some good progress!

Week 1: marco percentages – 29% f 45% c 26% p

Week 2: marco percentages – 29% f 46% c 25% p

Week 1: stats – 3.2 lbs loss, 0.25″ loss in waist and 0.25″ in thigh

Week 2: stats – 1.4 lbs loss, 0.25″ loss in my waist

The second half of my cut was definitely not as productive as my first. Week 3 I lost my calorie goal a little and averaged 2200 calories/day for the week…which is a little too close to my maintenance calories for my liking. Week 4 was the big struggle. To be honest, I think I slacked because I hadn’t been too focused in Week 3 and had still gained progress. Week 4 also ended with Memorial Weekend, and with Finals Week and the end of my college career coming up, I definitely was off-plan Friday-Monday.

So, now here’s where I am now…

Weight: 152 lbs

Waist: 29.5″

Thigh: 24″

4 Week Mini Cut results

1 lb loss

0.25″ loss in waist

0.25″ loss in thigh

Processed with Rookie Cam


I lost some progress from Week 3 until now. Week 4 fell on Memorial Weekend and I was not on plan at all. I don’t regret it, I just have some catching up to do. I didn’t hit the goals I set out at the beginning of the cut…but this was my learning curve. There is no half-assing a cut. In retrospect I didn’t pick a super great time to do it. It was probably the most stressful 4 weeks of the entire last quarter of college. Now that I’m officially done with classes, I know a summer cut will be a lot better.

Things To Do Next Cut…

  • stay on plan the whole time!
  • get more sleep
  • do all the HIIT workouts
  • stick more closely to my macros
  • buy a smart scale and use it for my progress


Go check out my YouTube channel for more cut info!


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