4 Week Mini Cut – Week 3 Recap

Week 3 was more so like a normal week and not a mini-cut week. You could say I lost a little determination to hit my cut goals. But let’s take a look at what happened so Week 4 can be fabulous!


Goal # of workouts per week = 5


All of my heavy weight workouts were killer. I spent most of the week being hella sore, but happy. Again, I didn’t make time for HIIT. I need to find a way to fit these extra 30 mins of workout into my week with how crazy my schedule is…but I got this!


Baseline for calorie cycling: 1746 cals 27% f 45% c 28% p


Nutrition was a little off again this week. Being so busy with school means planning meals in advance and sometimes I slip up. This next week I’m really going to work on staying under 2,000 k a day and get all that good protein!

Week 1 Ending Stats:

weight –  148.8 lbs

waist – 29.25″

thigh (r) – 23.25″

Any changes?

So this week I gained 0.4 lbs. Now, I’m not tripping because my scale gave me 4 different weights this morning…ugh. May end up buying one of those Fitbit Aria smart scales (stay tuned). However, I did lose 0.25 off of my waist again and 0.25 from my thighs! Wooohooo. Proof that your weight is B.S. (Want more proof? Check out my post about weight here)

Struggles + Wins

Didn’t eat too on plan. Ate close to maintenance calories, again. However, I did all of my heavy weight workouts and boy, did they kick my ass! So sore all the time. I kept a positive attitude and didn’t guilt myself about going out to dinner with friends. Even though I didn’t hit all of my goals, I still had a good week!

Goals for Week 4

  • dammit Ang, those macros!
  • HIIT sprints
  • lose 1.8 lbs

That’s all the updates for Week 3. Can you believe it’s the final week already?! Time to finish strong!

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