4 Week Mini Cut – Week 2 Recap

Happy Monday! I am officially half-way through my 4 Week Mini Cut! Let’s take a look at what worked and what didn’t work this week.

Week 2 was a little difficult. I didn’t eat as well as I wanted, however, all of my workouts were challenging. Recap time – here we go!


Goal # of workouts per week = 5



Baseline for calorie cycling: 1746 cals 27% f 45% c 28% p


Week 1 Ending Stats:

weight –  148.4 lbs

waist – 29.5″

thigh (r) – 24″

Any changes?

So this week I had a total weight loss of 1.4 lbs! I was very excited to hit that number because I didn’t eat as well as I wanted. However, my workouts made up for the extra calories for the week. I also lost 0.25″ in my waist! Getting closer and closer to my goal stats!

Struggles + Wins

I went out to the bars Friday and split a small thin crust pizza with my best friend and then had 2 vodka sodas but again, it’s all about balance and I’m not tripping about it. I will, however, be cutting out alcohol for the remaining 2 weeks so I can really snatch this waist. My workouts were a win for this week. I did all of my heavy weight workouts and even though I didn’t do my hiit again this week, I did a plyo dance class that kicked my ass. Every week gives me more experience and lessons learned and I can’t wait to get this learning curve down.

Goals for Week 3

  • damn girl, work on those macros percentages
  • actually do those hiit workouts, lol
  • lose 1.4 lbs + again

Well that’s my recap! Stay tuned for more workout posts this week and go check out all my YouTube videos here!

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