Macros 101

Hey guys! It’s Week 2 of my 4 Week Mini Cut and it’s time to talk about macros!

So macros – what’s the deal? Macros (or macro-nutrients) are the main nutritional components of the foods we eat. The 3 macro-nutrients are proteins, fats, and carbs. These each have a specific number of calories that together equal the total calories of the things we eat. Protein and carbs are each 4 calories/gram whereas fat is higher with 9 calories/gram.

Now that we know what macros are – what’s the deal? Macros can be manipulated to eat a certain diet (high protein, high fat, etc) and also be used to track the amounts of each you are getting (making sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet). To do either of those things we need to look at the macro percentages.

Macro percentages are how much of each macro makes up your caloric intake. So if your macros are 30% fat, 40% carb and 30% protein, that means that 30% of everything in your diet is fats and proteins respectively, and your diet is made up of 40% carbs.

There are many different factors that affect which macro percentages you choose such as: end goal (cutting, bulking, maintaining), gender, body type (ectomorph, etc) and how your body responds to each macro (digestive problems, etc).

Most online calculators guide you in choosing the macro ratios that are best for your stats. (look here to see the calculators I recommend!)

My macros for this 4 Week Mini Cut are 27% fat, 45% carb, and 28% protein. I don’t hit these spot on everyday, but I try to stick within 2%. My carbs are significantly higher than my fats and proteins due to the intensity/volume of my workout routine. The majority of the week I am doing some workout so I need those carbs to keep me going! If I end this cut¬†without the results I’m looking for, then I might lower that carb %.

There’s my mini run-down of macros! Hope it helped you understand the basics of macros and why they’re important on your fitness & health journey.

Want to see what I eat in a day on my #4weekminicut? Watch my Full Day of Eating on YouTube below and check out my channel here!

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