7 Month Transformation Tuesday

I was going to wait until the end of my 4 Week Mini Cut to do a progress pic – however! This seemed necessary today. 

My fitness journey has been a long one, I’d say. From lifting weights with my mom at 15, dieting all throughout high school, gaining weight in college and finally finding balance before graduating – it’s been a long time coming. But now I see why it’s taken this long. An overnight change wouldn’t bring me the pride I feel in my journey. I wouldn’t realize that hard work pays off and determination is powerful. The past year something clicked for me. I didn’t want to get fit to show other people I was worthy, I wanted to show myself. I wanted to look in the mirror and say “Daaamn Angie, back at it again with those mini gains.” And you know what? I am proud. I am happy and I’m the least stressed about my body and eating than I’ve ever been. So here we go, a progress pic over the last 7ish months.

There’s a 6 lb difference there, however we all know the scale isn’t the most reliable for tracking your progress. However, there is a 1.25″ loss in my waist and a 1.25″ loss in my thighs!


This post is important for all of you  because 4, 5, 6 months ago I didn’t think I was making much progress. I couldn’t see the small changes that were happening but I didn’t give up. And guess what? It paid off! Perseverance can lead you so far in your fitness journey. Just stick with it!

Keep an eye out for my Week 2 Mini Cut posts!

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