4 Week Mini Cut- Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is officially done! Let’s see what’s changed!

This first week was definitely the learning curve. I haven’t counted calories and macros in 6+ months so it was odd at first! But, I got back into the swing of planning meals beforehand and eating mostly at home. Here’s my progress and where to go from here!



Goal # of workouts per week = 5

Actual # of workouts per week = 6.5?…

Day 1

  • mini resistance band beach workout for YouTube (watch it here)

Day 2

  • rest

Day 3

  • heavy weight leg workout

Day 4

  • rest

Day 5

  • my Zumba class

Day 6

  • heavy weight full body

Day 7

  • my Zumba class


Baseline for calorie cycling: 1746 cals 27% f 45% c 28% p

Average for the week:  2077 cals 29% f 45% c 26% p

Day 1

  • 1735 cals 26% f 45% c 29% p

Day 2

  • 1742 cals 28% f 45% c 27% p

Day 3

  • 2067 cals 32% f 44% c 24% p

Day 4

  • 2124 cals 33% f 42% c 25% p

Day 5

  • 1996 cals 31%f 45%c 24%p

Day 6

  • 2307 cals 30%f 42%c 28%p

Day 7

  • 2568 cals 24%f 54%c 22%p

Week 1 Ending Stats:

weight –  149.8 lbs

waist – 29.75″

thigh (r) – 24″

Any changes?

3.2 lbs drop in weight. A little bit of that could be from my weight fluctuating high on my initial weigh in + the 1.2 lbs I expected to lose. 0.25″ loss in waist and right thigh! Wohoo! Good week 1, now to refocus!

Struggles + Wins

First few days went really well. I was surprised at how much I could eat while staying on track. Eating Thursday wasn’t as good as I would have liked in terms of meal frequency. I ate a lot of my meals between 11am and 3pm due to stress and boredom because I was in class 12-6. I didn’t eat more than maintenance however. Friday I woke up feeling back on track. As far as my workouts went it was a weird week. I had overworked myself during the weekend so I was exhausted. I only did my mini resistance band beach workout Monday and didn’t lift heavy until Wednesday. Saturday is had one vodka soda out and some late night (healthy) food when I got home from the bars. It’s all about balance. Sunday wasn’t the best though. I was exhausted from the night before and had to teach Zumba late night so I carb-loaded. I ate all healthy foods though so not sweating it too much.

Goals for Week 2

  • stick more closely to my macro percentages!!
  • do at least 2 hiit workouts

Well Week 1 is over! 3 more weeks to get this waist snatched and looking lean! Want to see my video update? Boom! Here it is. Check out all my YouTube videos here!

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