4 Week Plan – what went down

So it’s been 4 weeks. Where am I at now, you ask? Let’s get to it.

These past 4 weeks have been interesting for me. It’s the final quarter of college…and I definitely underestimated the amount of stress I would be under. I didn’t keep my plan and goals in mind as much as I would have liked. To be 100% honest, I completely forgot my goals after I wrote them down and this 4 week tone up morphed into a sort of mini bulk…However, I didn’t slack off. I ate balanced, worked out at least 5/days a week and was overall very positive and proud of myself. But, it’s still good for me to compare my progress over 4 weeks to see what I do better next time! Here are my “results” lol…



weight –  153 lbs (+0.8 lb)

chest – 38″

waist – 30″

hips – 40″ (+0.25″)

thigh (r) – 24.25″

calf (r) – 14.5″ (-0.25″)

bicep (r) – 11.5″

estimated bodyfat – 26% (calculator I used)

So all in all, I didn’t make much progress. However! For having this turn into a nonchalant mini bulk, I’m feeling good about where I’m at. I didn’t gain that much fat and kept my overall look. Now I’m excited to start this Mini Bulk! Link will be here tomorrow!

Want to see my initial post before I started my 4 weeks? Check it out here!

What I Did

Week 1

Monday: fasted hiit sprints + bbg week 1 legs + heavy weight leg day

Tuesday: blogilates abs + heavy weight p body

Wednesday: full body, body weight beach workout

Thursday: rest day

Friday: zumba class

Saturday: heavy weight leg day

Sunday: zumba class

Total workouts: 9

Eating: pretty decent…no big hangups this week. Ate balanced, not clean. My focus is now on eating healthy but allowing myself whatever I want in moderation. Trying to eat protein in every meal to build this muscle up!

Week 2

Monday: mini heavy weight arm workout (gym was so damn crowded…I wasn’t feeling it)

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: heavy leg day

Thursday: abs + body weight workout

Friday: zumba class

Saturday: heavy weight full body

Sunday: zumba class

Total workouts: 6

Eating: nothing too out of the ordinary. still allowed myself to eat balanced and still using a lot of the cooking/meal planning skills I gained during my Whole30.

Week 3

Monday: heavy weight leg workout

Tuesday: heavy weight arm workout

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: rest day (super worn out this week and stressed)

Friday: zumba class

Saturday: rest day (worked the morning shift and went to a music festival all day)

Sunday: 2 hour hike and mini leg circuit workout (check it out here)

Total workouts: 5

Eating: Everything was pretty normal except for Saturday. I let myself have fun at the music festival (drinking and late night In-N-Out run whut whuuuut ❤ don’t regret it and it’s always good to let loose once in a while)

Week 4

Monday: zumba class

Tuesday: heavy weight leg day

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 1.3 mile run warmup + at-home full body weight workout

Friday: zumba class

Saturday: rest

Sunday: zumba class

Eating: overall pretty normal. I did have one meal with sweet potato fries but everything else was fairly healthy and balanced.

Total workouts: 5

In conclusion – what is it with me and these 4 week plans?! I just can’t seem to stay focused on tracking and following the guidelines I take the time to set. Haha okay well this time around will be different! I will not forget my plan because this 4 Week Mini Cut is going to consumer me (in a good way…I hope). I’m going to track everything and give y’all weekly updates to keep myself accountable and to give y’all the behind the scenes.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my workouts and keep up with my Mini Cut!

Til next time, lovelies!

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