4 Week Mini Cut – how it’s going down

It’s finally here! Time to focus on getting this waist snatched and these legs toned! It is da-daa-daaa-daaaaa – MINI CUT TIME!

This is going to be the 2nd – 29th of May and I am so amped (and nervous). I have a lot of goals and expectations…but with it being my first official cut ever…I’m mentally prepared for a little learning curve.

What’s a Cut?

I plan on going into more depth about this in another post but here’s the quick version – a cut is a period where you are at a caloric deficit and the end goal is to lose fat (and preserve your hard-earned muscle). I am going at this cut with a moderate approach and set my deficit at about 20%. So of my TDEE (maintenance calories) I am eating 20% less – which in my case is a little under 500 cal/day deficit (about -1 lb a week).


Starting Stats:

weight –  153 lbs

chest – 38″

waist – 30″

hips – 40″

thigh (r) – 24.25″

calf (r) – 11.5″

bicep (r) – 14.5″

estimated bodyfat – 26% (calculator I used)

The Plan











Workouts: My plan is to lift heavy weights 3 days/week to maintain my current strength (no major muscle loss). I have to teach my Zumba class 1 day/week and plan to do HIIT sprints 1-2 days a week (depending on my energy levels and schedule) which will make up my cardio portion. From my research, the key to a successful cut (without major muscle loss) is to keep up with your strength training regime but also reduce the volume/intensity of your overall workout plan (since you are at a deficit).

Nutrition: I am trying a new technique called calorie cycling. It consists of varying your caloric intake throughout the week while eating the same amount of calories overall. So even though I have high calorie days and low calorie days, everything added together works out to be my 20% deficit. I am not limiting myself with any foods. I have had such a roller coaster journey with food and dieting that it is not my belief that cutting out certain foods is healthy mentally. Instead, I am more focused on eating healthy but balanced. I will be doing IIFYM somewhat…(If It Fits Your Macros…more on a breakdown of what macros are and different ways to track your nutrition in a future post) Therefore, I will be eating my normal healthy diet (examples in the upcoming weeks!) and allowing myself to eat foods as long as it fits into my day’s caloric plan. I will talk more about my nutrition in Week 2!


  1. lose 4.5 lbs (1.125 lbs loss a week – ending at 148.5 lbs or less)
  2. lose 1″ off waist (ending at 29″ or less)
  3. squat 140 lbs (keep strength throughout cut)
  4. lose 0.5″ off thigh (ending at 23.75″ or less)


Stay tuned for my weekly updates! I will be posting workouts, what I’m learning throughout this cut, what’s working, what’s not working and finally my overall progress!

Also make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel (link here) to watch my workouts and weekly body updates!

Want to see an overview? Check out my Mini Cut on YouTube!

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