Fittie Gie on YouTube

Hey guys! Some of you may have seen that I’m on YouTube now! Woohooo ❤ I wanted to give y’all the down low on what to expect from my channel! Here we go…

First off, my channel is Fittie Gie! I started it at the first of the year as a New Year’s Resolution that is still going strong! Currently, it is solely workout videos but I have big plans for it in the next year!

The main content on my channel is my Beach Workout Series! This is a collection of various workouts you can do equipment-free on the beach! These are super easy to follow and can be beginner to advanced depending on the intensity you put in. Here’s one of the beach workouts!


Things you can expect from my channel in the next 6 months…

  • workout plans
  • my results / transformations
  • recipes
  • random surprises tbd!

I will be documenting my 4 Week Mini Cut starting this Sunday on my channel! So make sure to go subscribe to follow my journey and get some behind the scenes look at my experience with it!

Have something specific you want to see on the channel? Let me know ❤

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