Keep your stress in check

Good afternoon fitties! Coming to bring positive vibes your way ❤

It is a sun-shiny, beautiful day here in California and I wanted to keep the good vibes rolling…so let’s talk about keeping your stress in check!

I am no stranger to stress. No one is. There’s always going to be something in your life, at one time or another, that drives you crazy and tears away your energy. But! Combating stress is doable.

This is my Senior year of college…I have about 60 days until I graduate. Nerve-wracking right? However, this is the least stressed I’ve been in the last year. Now let’s talk about the what, the how and the why.

Stress is allowing the things around you (that big test, work problems, body image woes, etc) to wreak havoc on your mind. It’s saying ‘how can I possibly handle this?’ and ‘I’m too overwhelmed’. I’ve been there plenty of times and it sucks.

The last 6 months I’ve thought about the things that stress me out a lot. That’s 1) finding a job for after college 2) getting my body how I want it 3) boy drama 4) money. That’s a pretty hefty list for a 22-year-old, am I right? But it’s all about perspective. Here are my tips to banish your stress and live lighter.

Bye, Bye Bad Vibes…

  1. Figure out what’s stressing you. Write it out. Make sure you are 100% certain where the problem lies. Once you address the issue, you can then go about how to handle it.
  2. Who holds the ‘action power’? By this I mean – is this something you can control? For instance, you can control whether or not you do well on a test. You cannot control if a company hires you. Here’s the reasoning. Stressor #1 – test. You can study for this test and the correlation of how much effort you put in and your grade outcome is pretty high. You can control this stressor. Stressor #2 – job. You can have great experience, a professional resume and be very passionate about the company. However, whether you get the job or not is outside your realm of control. There is nothing you can do in the application process to guarantee your success (if there was I’d have a job offer by now, lol).
  3. If you hold the ‘action power’ how can you help yourself? Again, write it down. List steps. Make a plan. Once you know where you’re going, you’ll feel more in control.
  4. Accept what you can’t control. My grandma use to say, “don’t borrow trouble”. If you have no effect on how something works out – why worry? An example is where you’ve done everything on your side of things. Say you want to date this new person, you’ve spent time together and they know how you feel. That’s where your ‘action power’ ends. You’re waiting for them to either reciprocate the desire or move on- but you can’t control what they do. It wouldn’t make sense to stress about whether or not they feel the same way…your stressing will make no difference. Weird example, but moral of the story…don’t borrow trouble.
  5. Counteract your stressing tendencies. When I can’t get over something and it’s put me in a bad mood, I like to distance myself from life for a bit. Sometimes I go to the beach by myself, hike, go to the gym, or just drive around and listen to music. Whatever it is that calms you – do it. As much as we can tell ourselves that something is not worth the stress, our minds don’t always listen.
  6. Perspective. Is what you’re stressing about honestly a big deal? Think about what other people might be dealing with in the world…is the fact that you spilled coffee on your new pants really that bad? Remember to look at the big picture. Is failing one quiz going to ruin the rest of your life? Probably not.
  7. Be grateful. I know this sounds corny and unrelated, but it’s really helped me. Whenever I get stressed about my body image I bring self-love back into the picture. Okay so my stomach isn’t toned, but damn girl! You’ve really killed it on your flexibility progress these past 4 months! Be proud and grateful not only for your circumstances, but for the things you’ve achieved for yourself.

So there you go! Hopefully it wasn’t too preachy and cheesy but there are my tips for bringing that good mood back around. Remember, stress isn’t just a mental problem. It can add to that lower belly pooch! No one wants that! So stay stress free, live healthy, be happy and don’t forget to remember how kick-ass you are. ❤

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