Beach Workout Series – #2 -Leg Sculpt

Daaaamn Angie, back at it again with the beach workouts… Time to break a sweat and make that booty work! This part of the beach workout series focuses on your lower body and, in some moves, your core. The goal with this workout is to focus on getting the most out of the moves by getting low and engaging different leg muscles.

Let’s get to work!

How to do it:

  • warm up for 5-10 mins beforehand (ie: walk the┬ábeach or do jumping jacks/high knees)
  • perform 10 reps of every exercise, 3 times (3 x 10 sets)
  • if you want an extra challenge – repeat the entire workout 2-3 times!
  • stretch and cool down for 10 mins afterwards

#1 In Out Leg TapsFSPP6159EPCI7836

#2 Single Leg DeadliftVMWZ5076

#3 Downward Dog Leg RaisesMRTM3500

#4 In Out Squat JumpsCOAI7552TVNM2272

#5 Kneel to StandYDMB1467

#6 CassacksOYKT3048WARB2056

Want to see the full workout video? Click here!

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