Beach Workout Series – #1 – Full Body Tone

Are you ready to take your workout out of the gym and hit the beach? Prepare yourself for an entire workout series dedicated to getting your body toned and sculpted in the sun and sand!

For this workout, we’re targeting your entire body! This workout specifically focuses on core and overall balance but will make your whole body work hard.

Here we go!

How to do it:

  • warm up for 5-10 mins beforehand (ie: walk the beach or do jumping jacks/high knees)
  • perform 10 reps of every exercise, 3 times (3 x 10 sets)
  • if you want an extra challenge – repeat the entire workout 2-3 times!
  • stretch and cool down for 10 mins afterwards


#1 Side Plank Reach


#2 Side Plank Hip Lift


#3 Supermans


#4 Side Plank Leg Lift


#5 Firehydrants


#6 Commandos



Want to see the entire workout full out? Click here to watch the YouTube version!

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