My 4 week plan

Hey babes and gents! This school quarter has come to a close and after a very stressful finals week I’m back on my blogging grind and here to bring y’all my 4 Week Lean & Sculpt plan!
I made this plan to tone up for my school’s Spring Quarter (aka beach season – aka my last months in college!) So needless to say I wanted to buckle down and focus on shredding. In comparison to my previous plans, this plan incorporates a lot more cardio and emphasizes heavy weight lifting to build muscle rather than my usual moderate weight lifting.

Here’s how it’s set up!


Every heavy weight day you’ll focus on building muscle and strength. The workouts are 4 x 8 sets…meaning you’ll complete 8 reps for one exercise and repeat that exercise for 8 reps 3 more times. Remember to rest 30-60 secs in between sets and focus on really using your muscles!

A good way to determine your weight for heavy weight training is to judge your form/effort at the end of your set. If you’ve completed your last two reps and are not making a struggle face – you should probably bump your weight level up a bit.

The other two parts of the plan focus on getting your heart rate up. The HIIT sessions consist of a 5-10 minute incline walk on the treadmill for your warm up. Then you’ll be completing 10-15 minutes of 2 intervals – 1) 30 seconds sprints and 2) 30 seconds rest. I usually set my treadmill to 8.5 mph and put my feet on the side rails during my rest period. High intensity interval training is a fabulous way to build endurance, burn fat and rev up your metabolism. The last part of the plan, Plyos (or plyometrics), are exercises using your muscles in full force, resulting in an increase in power and speed. These exercises are typically used by athletes but are also great to increase anyone’s physical fitness!

I will be posting videos of these exercises on my YouTube channel – so go subscribe to stay up to date!

If you want to download the plan click here!


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