Whole30 – what’s the dealio?

Hi all! So I promised that I would detail my experience with Whole30 – so here it goes! First things first…what the hell is the Whole30? Well loves, it’s a challenge of sorts where you focus on eating whole foods and cut out all of the additives and processed garbage that is everywhere! The rules are as follows: for 30 days, you are not allowed any 1) alcohol 2) legumes 3) grains 4) dairy 5) things with sugar /additives. Seems simple right? Kinda. So essentially your diet (not diet as in restricted calories/negative vibes/stupid fad diet industry bullshit that I hate/etc – diet as in the foods you consume) is lean protein, vegetables, healthy (natural) fats and fruit.

A look at my daily meals…

Breakfast: I ate so many eggs I had to Google how many eggs you could eat a day before your cholesterol went through the roof (it’s 3 by the way 😉 ). But typically my breakfast consisted of 2 eggs fried in a pan with extra virgin olive oil with a hash of either sweet potatoes or red potatoes and some sort of veggie like mushrooms or spinach. Sometimes I had a whole grapefruit or a banana with raw almond butter as well depending on how busy or strenuous my day was.

Lunch: this is where I experimented mostly. Lunch is defintiely my least favorite meal because I’m usually busy and nothing ever sounds good to me. However! Some of my lunches were:

  • ground turkey breast stuffed roasted red pepper
  • tilapia with a heap of roasted veggies
  • chicken breast with lettuce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and veggies
  • stuffed baked potato with lean protein and ghee (clarified butter)

Dinner: dinner was probably my favorite meal during the Whole30 because of the cooking skills I gained! I used to go for the easy-meal route and not experiment with what I ate. However, I was trying new recipes, creating my own and using my oven like crazy! Two of my favorite meals: roasted potatoes with dill and spinach in the oven with baked salmon; seared flank steak with roasted brussels sprouts, potatoes, kale and mushrooms.

Post-workout meal: looked a lot like dinner but usually sized in regards to how hard I worked out.

So what everyone is dying to know…how long did I last? Well, I lasted 18/30 days. Now I would like to clarify, I chose to end my Whole30 based on 2 factors: personal benefit + circumstances. In the 18 days I gained cooking skills, a palette change (didn’t crave protein cookies anymore haha), and an increase in my vegetable intake. However, I realized I didn’t desire anything else from my Whole30 journey. I knew I could eat 100% clean if I chose, I just didn’t need to. I believe in balance. If you want a cookie, you should allow yourself a cookie. Keep in mind though, I didn’t begin the Whole30 as a junk food eater. I ate healthy food and had a balanced diet – it just wasn’t 100% clean, 100% of the time. So in regards to drastically resetting my mental relationship and cravings with food – I didn’t have much to overcome.

The circumstance around why I quit is because my mom came to visit me and, although we did cook at home a lot on plan, I wanted to enjoy our time and go out for nice dinners and have our morning-tradition lattes.

Now, let’s talk about fitness. The first week of Whole30 was hard for me in regards to my fitness journey. I was extremely hungry and felt weak in my workouts. I usually take 1-2 rest days during a week and I barely worked out at all. It wasn’t until the next week when I tracked my calories one day where I realized I was only eating around 1400-1600 calories a day. Which for me is a no-no! To maintain my weight, I should be eating around 2100. Even if I wanted to be on a deficit, my daily workouts fulfill much of that need for me. I quickly revamped my meals and added in multiple servings of potatoes a day and ate a lot more. I started feeling better and putting more effort into my workouts.

The Whole30 – it’s probably going to wreck your stomach. I’m talking about the stuff no one wants to talk about. Your body isn’t use to processing all these dense, nutrient-pack vegetables…so your stomach and intestines aren’t going to be happy. I had problems from around Day 6 to Day 17…not fun. One of my original reasons for starting Whole30 was to reduce my bloating and stomach issues…so let’s just say I wasn’t too happy when it made things worse. (PS probiotics solved all my problems post-Whole30).

So in a long-overdue conclusion, I recommend Whole30 for those who really need to reset their bodies mentally and physically…or for weird people like me who like to challenge themselves. If you chose not to complete the entire plan, that’s fine! However, do it because it’s not beneficial for you anymore, not because you think it’s too hard. To be honest, around Day 10 eating like this was incredibly easy. It was a habit and most of my cravings went away. However! That also doesn’t mean I should limit myself – remember, balance.

Okay, long Whole30 recap over! Now, to go get a protein shake for lunch 😉 ❤



3 thoughts on “Whole30 – what’s the dealio?

  1. Kendel | Little Misadventures says:

    This was so helpful! I’ve been looking to start the Whole30 myself but I’ve been too chicken haha. I think I’m just far too aware that I don’t have the cooking skills (or I don’t think I do) to survive the challenge. I think I need to pin a whole bunch of things! Pinterest is my saviour haha.


    1. angiepett says:

      You can do it! I started with cooking skills that consisted of knowing how to boil rice and cook protein pancakes…it’ll come!


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