I’m still alive!

Babes and gents I am so sorry! It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted anything – super oops. But just know I haven’t been hibernating or eating donuts in sweatpants 24-7 or worse, given up weight lifting! I’m still alive!

So Angie, where the hell have you been then? Well lovelies, I’ve been struggling through this thing called senior year of college…haha just kidding it’s not that bad – but it’s so easy to get stressed and busy and forget I have all these rantings and fitness updates to get out of me! So I’m back on here and I promise I’ll do better!

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new:

  • I am slowly but surely leaning out. Current stats: 38-30-40, 152 lbs and 24″ at the biggest part of my thighs. So comparing that to October: I’m down 4.6 lbs, 1″ in the waist and 1.25 in each thigh! Wohoo! Baby steps but I’m about to kick it into overdrive here.


  • I’m on YouTube! Yes, really! I’ll post a fancy-shmancy link here so y’all can go watch. Currently, it’s solely workout videos but I plan on adding cooking videos and vlogs once I get the hang of it.


  • I did 18/30 days of The Whole30. It definitely changed the way I look at my meals and was a great thing for me to do. I’ll be posting a full breakdown of my experience with it next week!


  • I finally hit a new back squat PR! Ahhhh I was so happy you guys! I was scared as hell but it’s all about overcoming your fears and doubts. My goal for February was to back squat 130 lbs and I hit 140 lbs! Yaaaassss.


  • I finally got my Full King Pigeon and Splits! I made it one of my NYRs to gain more flexibility and work on inversions and I’m on the right track! Headstand is a work in progress…


  • A Fittie Gie cookbook may be in the distant future.

Okay – I think that’s all of my updates! Be on the lookout for some recipes, workouts and challenges coming your way!

Want me to cover something? Comment and let me know ❤

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