New Year – Let’s Get It

Morning fitfam! It’s a beautiful day here in Cali and I’m finally back home and getting back into the swing of things! I made some delicious protein pancakes and finished up my 6 week plan that I’ll be starting on the 1st of January! So let’s start off with acknowledging the end of #cheatseason2015 haha…so the holidays we’re definitely great – lots of fun times with family and many good treats! But! It’s back to clean eating and tracking.

To get the most out of these first 6 weeks of the new year I’m going to be tracking everything once again and be counting macros. Right now I’m going to start off with 140 p – 171 c – 62 f. We’ll see in 2 weeks if I need to alter that a little bit.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting my 6 Week Tone Up plan for freeeeeee.

Have a great day lovelies! ❤

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