Back on Track!

Hello fitfam! I’m back! Hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉 So it’s been a while and I apologize! But I’m back in action and here’s what’s been up!

I delayed BBG Wk 8 and am now officially on it! With the holiday (Thanksgiving) I wasn’t able to stick to my plan (26 hours of driving takes away a lot of workout time lol) and I wouldn’t have been able to give it my all. So now it’s time to do Wk 8 right!

This week is my university’s dead week (week before finals) so I’m going to be a little barrel of stress but at least my body will feel good!

My plan this week:

Monday (yesterday): didn’t track calories or eat clean; did 45 min leg day

Tuesday (today): tracking and paying attention to my macros; teaching my Zumba class

Wednesday (tomorrow): tracking; BBG Wk 8 Arms + Abs with an Upper Body day

Thursday: tracking; BBG Wk 8 Legs + Cardio

Friday: tracking; teaching my Zumba class

Saturday: tracking; BBG Wk 8 Abs + Cardio with a Full Body day

Sunday: tracking; rest day

I haven’t tracked fully in about 2 weeks and really need to get back on it! I weighed in this morning at 153 lbs which I wasn’t upset about (I was actually glad I didn’t gain it all back over Thanksgiving) but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Check in with me later to see my December Goals post! Happy Tuesday! ❤

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