#motivation – remember where youve been

Hey lovelies. So today I have a much better mental outlook than I did the two previous days. I’m finally getting back to the exciting, easy-going Angie and am no longer beating myself up at my mistakes this past week. So, to keep this positivity train going I thought I’d do a transformation!

Okay here we go…This is a great example of how the mental can so greatly affect the physical…

The photo on the left is the summer after my mini-depression. When I look at that photo a see a girl trying to get her life back together and face her demons. I’ve always had body image issues growing up…but they got so much worse. I would over-eat or eat crap, which in turn would make me feel like shit, which would keep me from working out, which would turn into a vicious cycle. So I went home for the summer I broke free of my dark cloud and I tried to get Angie back. I worked out and ate well and made the little changes to get my life together. By the time I went back to school I felt a little bit like myself again. But I was freshly 21 – so even though I was trying to be “healthy” I still drank and stayed out late and had cheat meals at 2 am when I got home from the bars. I wasn’t being healthy. I was being the college idea of healthy.

Now let’s look at the girl on the left. I see someone who believes in herself. I see someone who knows her worth and will treat herself with love and respect. I see happiness. I have a long way to go until I look how I want but I can’t forget how far I’ve already come. Yes, the scale doesn’t show a significant difference but I feel one and I see one. The days where I leave my house wanting to be invisible are few and far between and I can look at myself in the mirror most mornings and say “Damn girl, all those sweat sessions are paying off!” I’m happy. And damn has it taken me a long time to get here. I don’t drink anymore, I rarely stay out late, and I fuel my body with good things. Yes, occasionally I have cheats or over-eat but we’re all human. It’s how you bounce back from those moments and get back to your goals. I’m selfish with my time. Yes, most of the time I want to go to the gym and workout at 10pm instead of going out to parties. And you know what? 90% of the time I’m going to do what I want to do and take care of myself mentally and physically. It is important to have balance, however, and I will go be a crazy sober person at the bars and twerk. But next day I’m back in my mindset and getting after it.

My takeaways and advice from this over-emotional, preachy post to anyone who has been where I have been…

  • stay strong
  • love yourself
  • be selfish with your time and your priorities
  • drink plenty of water
  • cherish the small progress you make because it will add up
  • fuel your body with good food
  • take progress photos
  • realize how powerful positivity is
  • never give up


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