BBG Week 6 End – do better

Hey all. So Week 6 is over but there was a lot left unfinished – mentally and physically. I had a couple of cheats this week and had some over-cal days that I shouldn’t have. But! Ready to get back on track and hit my goals.

So last week looked a little something like this…

  • Friday – taught Zumba, went out to dinner with a friend and went out to the bars (no drinking)
  • Saturday – left for SF to visit fam early, went to a family BBQ and drove home late night (cheat)
  • Sunday – worked then went to the gym for a mini leg lifting sesh
  • Monday – worked, rest day and went to dinner with a friend (cheat)
  • Tuesday – BBG Wk 6 Arms + Abs and taught Zumba
  • Wednesday – hiked for ~2 hours and then did a full body lifting workout
  • Thursday – photoshoot for my senior project, class, and rest day with too much snacking (cheat)

So obviously there’s a lot of improvements to get done here. I feel like the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been losing a little motivation when it comes to my nutrition (like my vicious cycle always goes) so I really really need to focus back on that if I actually want to make a change this time. I need to stop eating over my set calories and focus on eating a more balanced diet. Also I need to start measuring instead of eyeballing it (cough cough almond butter).

So I’m going to get back to weekly goal setting but actually follow through. So today is BBG Week 7 start and my goal for this week is to have a caloric deficit (from eating + exercise) of 700 calories a day. This means around 1,500 net calories. My plan right now is eating around 1770 calories so then I just need to hit that and exercise at least ~270 calories. This is 100% doable I just need to stick with it.

In regards to the other side of my journey – fitness – I feel like I’ve been pretty good with that. I’ve been working hard in the gym but could improve with my BBG workouts. I only did 1 out of 3 last week but fit in 2 lifting sessions…I need to hold myself accountable for all of my BBG workouts and not substitute them for the workouts that I find more fun (and less of a hell on earth lol).

I haven’t weighed in about 2 weeks and I’m slightly concerned that I’ve lost the weight progress I had made. However, nothing can change the past so I need to focus and really dig deep for these next two weeks until my next weigh in.

This is all on me. Only I can make a change and only I can achieve this. I also have to keep in mind though that what I’m doing isn’t typical. Not a lot of people around me are trying to transform their bodies and achieve 18-22% body fat. But I am. I want to look at myself in the mirror and say “damn girl, all that hard work paid off.” It’s time to get my game face on and get back to it.

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