BBG Week 5 End – making gainz

Wow! Another week has blown by. I would say this was a good week. I really focused on myself and stuck to my goals. Here’s a look at this past week…

Friday – this day was crazy guys…not only did I do Week 4 Full Body (because I didn’t have time to do it last Thursday) but I taught my Zumba class and did a crazy heavy leg day late night. Three workouts in one day? You serious, Angie?? You bet your buns I am.

Saturday – Halloween! I worked this day and came home to relax before hitting the gym late night again! I chose to go to the gym instead of the parties I was invited to. And you know what? I regret nothing. I had such a nice night with 100% me time and really focused on my goals and making myself better.

Sunday – worked early morning then relaxed and went shopping for winter clothes…this was a much needed rest day.

Monday – worked super early morning and then went to the gym later in the afternoon. I did Week 5 Full Body + a mini arm workout.

Tuesday – got a lot of work done and cleaned my house. Got a lot accomplished personally before I had to teach Zumba that night!I Also did 30 mins of LISS before Zumba to stretch out my very very sore hip flexors and hamstrings.

Wednesday – worked really early and then hit the gym after relaxing on the couch with YouTube fitness videos on repeat. My workout was a high volume leg day. Guys I did so many deadlifts it was ridiculous…ridiculously awesome.

Today (Thursday) – about to go to class and then hit the gym (hopefully) after for a quick arm sesh. I have to do laundry and shower/get ready to go to a basketball game and then downtown tonight so hopefully I have enough time! Usually I might stress about not getting my workout in but damn…I’ve done a lot this week!

In regards to my nutrition, I’ve done moderately well this week. In comparison to last it’s much much better. I’ve consistently gotten a lot of protein in my diet and have gotten better with the volume of carbs. Now I really need to focus on sticking to my macro goals for the day. Well gotta go but stay fit lovelies! ❤

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