BBG Wk 4 End

Ooops, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted guys I’m sorry! But! Week 4 is officially over. It was a tough one I’m not going to lie. There were ups and downs but I made it through and I’m still determined to make it to that Week 12 finish with a smile on my face (and abs preferably 😉 )

So I forgot to do a mid-week update so here’s the rundown for you all. Friday to Sunday I did well. I ate as clean as I could (my parents were in town so there were some dinners out) and I worked out. However, my Monday to Wednesday weren’t too great.

I ate a little bit over my maintenance cals on those days and only worked out Wednesday. Monday I needed a much needed rest day from my insane Sunday leg day and Tuesday I had a fun mix of thinking I was catching this nasty cold that’s going around plus my monthly gift. So I didn’t handle things as well as I should have. But we’re human and we make mistakes. It’s all about how you rebound though. Yesterday I did decently well (still feeling the period munchies a little but hey this time sucks so I’m giving myself a break).

My workouts are as follows:

Friday – hiked and taught Zumba

Saturday – hiked and did Wk 4 Legs + Cardio

Sunday – heavy leg day at the gym

Monday – rest

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – Wk 4 Arms + Abs

Thursday (today) – plan to do Wk 4 Full Body + yoga for Rehab

So not horrible but could have been a better week. On the good news side of things though! I finally got to measure and weigh today. Even though I feel bloated and like the Michelin man I still look leaner than I did 4 weeks ago!

4 week transformation Here are my stats:

Starting weight – 156.6 lbs

Week 4 finishing weight – 155.2 lbs

Starting measurements – waist 31 in , hips 41 in , biggest part of my thighs 25.25 in

Week 4 finishing measurements – waist 30.5 in , hips 40.5 in , thighs 24.5 in

Not the weight loss I aimed for but look at those measurements! I’d say that’s a big win ❤

I have a lot of room to improve and I have big goals set for these 12 weeks but I know I can do it. I’m going to try to care less about what the scale says and focus on my clothes and measurements but it’s a lot easier said than done.

Have a fabulous weekend and a safe Halloween and stay fit lovelies!

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