BBG Week 3 End

Happy Sunday! I know this is a bit overdue but it was Parents’ Weekend at my university so I was going 24-7!  So Week 3 is over and now it’s fancy-pants Week 4! 
Week 3 was good! My goal was to get to bed before 9:30 for 5/7 nights and I did! Wohoo!

Also, even with my parents in town I kept my eating pretty well. I resisted the fries and bread going out and steered towards the protein packed entrees. I also got some good walks in and a hike so I’m feeling on top of my workouts!

So for BBG I did all of the resistance training days expect for the full body day. That’s because I had to teach Zumba 3 times instead of two so I had to be flexible with my workouts. But kept active and that’s all that matters!

I’m feeling fab guys. Yesterday I wasn’t – but now is a different vibe. I was caught up in where I’m at now vs where I want to be yesterday. Instead I need to focus on all that I’ve accomplished for myself and how happy and proud I’ll be if I keep it up long term! Everything is about perspective!

Coming up this week in the blog I have a bunch of fun and protein-packed recipes for you all! Also I’ll be posting my leg day that I do in addition to BBG Legs + Cardio.

Tonight I have a group project meeting and then straight to the gym for that leg workout! I’m bringing my preworkout to the library and fueled up with a huge meal an hour ago so I’m all set to kill it. Thinking about stopping at the supplement store to pick up a protein cookie to reward myself after! Very excited *insert sassy girl emoji here 😉 *

I can’t wait for it to be Thursday guys! It’s been hard for me to resist weighing and measuring these past 3-4 weeks because I know I’m so focused and putting in good work. However, I do need to remember that the scale isn’t a perfect measure of my progress and that the photos I’ve been taking really prove my determination and commitment to this lifestyle.

That’s all for now! I’ll be sure to update you all halfway through this week! ❤


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