Meal Prep 101

Good morning fitfam! I have a super low key morning and afternoon so I thought I’d get some meal prep done! A staple for my meal prep is always veggies and turkey breast patties. Let’s get cooking!

So first things first (I’m the realest 😉 ) let’s see what we’re working with…


I have my extra virgin olive oil, my lean ground turkey breast, carrots, sweet potatoes, (I added in celery that’s not pictured), and my handy-dandy Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning!

Let’s get this party started!

Start by cutting up all of your veggies! I like mine in small bite sized pieces 🙂IMG_3928

Next let’s throw all of those bad boys into an oiled baking sheet!


Boom so easy! Then sprinkle them up with some seasoning and extra olive oil on top.


Now for the protein! Take your ground turkey breast out of the package and place it on your cutting board.

Sprinkle it up with your seasoning! (I’m a little heavy-handed lol)


Now let’s form those puppies into patties!

Once you’ve got them formed place them on a greased baking sheet!

(I usually try to form them into 4 oz patties)


Place both cooking sheets in the oven at 350 degrees F!

You’re going to cook the patties for about 15 mins (until they’re no longer runny and have a slight crisp on the edges)

and leave the veggies in for a total time of around 40 mins!


Wait patiently for your hard work to pay off!

Do some squats, lunges, pushups, wuuuurk!

End results of your fabulous ‘ n’ easy food prep…

IMG_3935  IMG_3937

Wooohooo now we’re set for a little while!

I usually save this meal for when I’m short on time

(usually lunch before or after class when I’m running around to Zumba or work or errands!)

Feel free to spice up these babies with anything! Southwest seasining, garlic and herb…do you boo boo! ❤

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