BBG Wk 2 End

Hey all! Sorry I didn’t do my recap yesterday – but it’s officially Week 3 of BBG for me! Yay! 1/6th of the way done haha. So how did I do last week? Let’s take a look!

My main goal for last week was to eat on plan for 5/7 days (meaning hitting a caloric deficit of 1lb loss/ week or greater). So – drumroll please…I did it! I hit exactly 5 days (one of the non-plan days I ate maintenance and the other had a 13 oz / week loss lol). It feels good to hit your goals but that wasn’t all the success I had. Here’s what my workouts looked like…

  • Friday – taught my Zumba class + did Rehab
  • Saturday – did Wk 2 Legs + Cardio AND did a late-night heavy leg day at the gym
  • Sunday – rest
  • Monday – Wk 2 Arms + Abs
  • Tuesday – taught my Zumba class
  • Wednesday – Wk 3 Full Body AND heavy upper body lifting at the gym later
  • Thursday – rest

I felt really good this past week with my workouts! I really pushed myself and stayed focused on my goals. One thing I definitely need to work on though is my macros! Even though I hit my calorie goals I’m still all over the place with my macros. I either have a high fat day or a high carb day and I really need to focus on evening those out for my 30 – 40 – 30 split.

My goal for Week 3 is to get to bed by 9:30 pm for 5/7 nights! This is really ironic considering Week 3 started yesterday and I hadn’t reviewed my preset goals yet…and I went out for the first time in a while and got home at 1am ish and then watched Netflix for no reason whatsoever til 3am! Like whaaat girl?! So pointless but whatever haha I have 6 more days to fix that. This is a really good goal for me this week though because I have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately and I need to take care of myself so I don’t get sick.

In regard to my going out last night I thought I’d mention something. I touched on this in my Instgram post but I am 28 days alcohol-free today! Woohooo! Why am I doing this? Because I want to for myself. I’ve never been a big partier and once I turned 21 I used alcohol as a social thing and it just screws with my fitness. You can’t fit empty calories into your diet (diet meaning what you consume not a restrictive eating plan) and be happy about it. And it’s poison – it literally stops your body from behaving properly. But everyone has their own goals and opinions and lifestyles and this is mine. I’ve always felt alcohol wasn’t for me but I used to drink in social situations to join in the fun with my friends and have a good time. I didn’t want to be the one who didn’t order a drink at Happy Hour or seem like a bore. But at this point in my life I’m too grown to let other people dictate what I do or what I think about myself. So I’m not drinking and I didn’t drink last night and I was in a house party filled with hella drunk people and you know what – I did my thing and got some cute guy’s phone number so – life is all good my friends. Do your thing and life will work out how it’s suppose to for you.

Okay off my deep soapbox…haha so Week 2 was great and I’m planning on making Week 3 even better! My parents are visiting next weekend for Parent’s Weekend at my school so I probably won’t be able to track my calories and macros that well but I’m still going to stick to my goals and focus on looking fine in that Week 4 progress photo!

Have a fab day and remember to always be yourself. ❤

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