BBG Wk 2 – midweek – Good Times

Hello luvs! It’s a slightly overcast day here in California and I’m crossing everything I got that it rains! It’s been so damn hot I can’t function. So Week 2 is more than halfway over! These weeks are blazing by! So let’s take a look at how I’ve been doing… So since I’m doing Friday starts for BBG 1.0 this is my 6th day…so a little over halfway! 😉 Oops!

I’ll recap Friday-Tuesday for you all — it’s been just as fabulous as last week to be honest. I’m still dedicated to eating well and getting my workouts in. Arms + Abs kicked my ass this week btw ughhhh. That just shows how much potential I have to make there though. I’m loving this journey and that isn’t me bullshitting you guys. I have learned so much from myself in these past 1 /12 weeks it’s crazy. I still haven’t had a binge/cheat (knock on wood) and I haven’t given up. I’m just so amped to do this. I want this. I will get it – mark my words.

So my best day so far this week was by far Saturday. It was killer. First off I did BBG Wk 2 Legs + Cardio. Then I fueled up, rested a bit and hit the gym late night for an insane leg day. Like never have a felt like I was potentially going to vom during leg day. (but the good kind of vom feeling haha) Like I was pushing myself just enough to feel so powerful! Totally felt like a gym-beast.

Today my plan is to do BBG Wk 2 Full Body and then hit the gym with my friend tonight for an upper body lifting sesh. Also I didn’t have work today so I got to sleep in and I’ll be chilling in my pajamas doing homework on my bed for a majority of the day. ❤ Life is good yall.

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