Instagram and Why I’m Taking a Break…

Happy Sunday luvs! I woke up crazy sore this morning from my even crazier leg day yesterday! I did Kayla Itsine’s BBG Wk 2 Legs + Cardio workout and went to the gym and did a killer heavy weight leg day! Whew thankfully it’s Sunday and I can work from my comfy bed. ❤ So Instagram…let’s talk.

Now I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking a break from my personal Instagram account (fitness Instagram @fittie_gie is still active ❤ ). But why? Because it’s making me complacent. I looooove Instagram. I’m always trying different things with my layout and trying to make it look aesthetically awesome as a whole. It’s like my mini portfolio. However…I get in the habit of posting pictures of my face (my friends may call me selfie queen…oops), my outfit, and workout photos allllll the time. So you’re thinking, Angie, what’s wrong with that?? I do that too! Well here’s the downside – I’ll get likes and comments (btw I’m not one of those cool kids who gets over 40 likes on one thing lol) and I’ll think to myself…oh these people think I look okay so I can slack on my fitness goals. NO BETCH NO. So therefore to solve this problem (and to also test my addiction to my personal account) I have decided to not post any photos until…

1) I weigh less than 150 lbs on Oct 29th (this is my BBG Week 4 check-in)


2) I miss that first deadline and have to wait to weigh in at 144.6 lbs or less on Nov 26th (this is my Week 8 check-in)

So as you can see, there’s a lot of motivation to hit that first weight goal. So far it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted on my personal. If I had to wait almost two months to post I can imagine what little followers I have would be gone lol.

When I restarted BBG a little over a week ago I weighed in at 156.6 lbs. Therefore to hit that Week 4 Instagram goal I need to lose about 1.7 lbs a week. This is a heftier goal than my regular Week 4 BBG goal which is to lose 4 lbs (1 lb per week). But hey set the bar high! The second deadline is exactly what my Week 8 BBG goal is – 12 lbs lost in total…which is 1.5 lbs a week.

Another thing I find super motivating about this Instagram challenge is that once I finally hit either #1 or #2 deadline I’ll have lost 6 – 12 pounds! So you know I’m gonna stunt on that first post. *this is definitely where I’d insert that sassy hair flippin emoji girl*

Another thing to note is that I am on a 100% no alcohol challenge right now. I have never considered myself to have a problem but it’s crazy how just a little once a week can derail my fitness goals. Also I’m on a mission to only fill my body with things that can help it reach its potential…so ain’t nobody got time for poison…So as of today I’m 22 days sober! Woohoo!

I decided to keep posting on my fitness Instagram because there’s definitely a different mindset attached to that one. I post things on there not to impress the guys that follow me or show old high school classmates that I’m doing great and all of that petty bullshit. I post on @fittie_gie to track my progress and have an outlet to be proud of all of my mini accomplishments. It’s nice to have an outlet where you can celebrate yourself and love yourself without the fear in the back of your mind that people you know will judge you. But at the end of the day, who cares what those people think anyways?

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back to update you on my halfway point on Week 2 BBG! ❤

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