BBG Wk 1 End…Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy Friday! So it’s been a full week of BBG and there has been a lot to balancing to manage. However! I’d say it was a pretty successful week. 🙂 Here’s what I did this week!

  • ate on plan 5/7 days

(the other 2 days had a predicted weekly loss of less than 1 lb so they don’t count…however they still had predicted losses of around 11 oz a week so not a bad thing!

  • did all 3 resistance training sessions!
  • did my Rehab session
  • did not do any traditional LISS sessions
  • did Zumba once! (counts as one LISS?)

So there’s a quick peek of my week! I feel really good about it! This week has been the first time in a while that I haven’t even had one treat or cheat at all. Very proud. ❤ My objective for the first week was to complete all workouts…now when I originally wrote this I didn’t really think about whether LISS counted in that or if I was specifically meaning the RT sessions…I have to teach Zumba twice a week anyways so I’m getting in 2 high intensity cardio sessions…hmmm.

Since there are no rewards for the weekly objectives I’m just going to say I did well but could have done better. I could have went on a 45 min walk around the block for sure. Always something to improve upon!

This week’s objective now is to hit 5/7 days of my calorie tracking…which I just did this week! I definitely think I can do that and even challenge myself to do 6/7 days! All I have to do is stay focused and keep my future self in mind. 🙂

I was soooo sooo tempted to weigh in this morning! However, I promised myself I would only weigh in 4 more times in the next 3 months…

  1. end of Week 4
  2. end of Week 8
  3. right before my trip to Panama
  4. the program end

I wanted to so badly because I know I worked so hard on my nutrition this week. I wanted to fuel my body right and I was thinking mindfully about if I was hungry or if it had been a while since I last ate. I was a little nervous that the scale wouldn’t reflect my efforts though…I always have had that little doubt that I can’t achieve my dream body and that’s definitely a doubt I need to smash in these next 11 weeks.

In regards to my busy bee life – it’s a lot more manageable than a couple of weeks ago…but still crazy. Every class I’m taking is a project and my Senior Project is always in the back of my mind overshadowing everything. Let’s not forget I need to be revamping my resume, building a portfolio and drafting up emails to potential companies in these next 3 months…crazy man.

But! I can do this and it’ll be so worth it at the end of this quarter when my grades, mindset and appearance reflect all of the hard work I’ve put in.

BBG Week 1 End

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend – remember to get moving and fuel your body and your potential!

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