BBG Wk 1 – midweek – Where I’m At Mentally

Good morning lovelies! Happy Tuesday. I woke up today and went to make breakfast…but I was out of eggs! OH NO. So what did I do? I ran to Starbz to get breakfast and a latte. *insert sassy blonde emoji here*. My reduced fat turkey bacon egg white whole wheat english muffin breakfast sandwich was deeeeliiish (that was a mouthful wasn’t it?)…and my triple venti nonfat latte also made my morning ūüėČ . So it’s Tuesday – which means in my backwards BBG schedule it’s a little over¬†midweek! So where am I at? Let’s talk about it! When I restarted BBG on Friday I was all guns blazing. I was ready to smash my goals and shed some fat. And I’m still rearing to go! So far my motivation levels haven’t wavered (knock on wood) and I’ve done all of the resistance training days. If you’ve read my other BBG posts you know that I set up weekly objectives for the 12 weeks of BBG. The first week’s objective was to complete all workouts. So all I have to do by Friday is 2 x LISS and 1 x¬†Rehab session and – BOOM¬†–¬†objective reached.

In regards to nutrition, which is mainly where I struggle, I’ve hit my daily calorie goals 3/4 days. To track I use MyNetDiaryPro and have been aiming for 1700 cals/day. Now – counting calories is not for everyone. I used it in the past in an obsessive and restrictive way…but now I know how to fuel my body right and have a healthy relationship with food. I’ve grown to count in a mentally healthy way and so far it’s been a great tool to keep my eating mindful! So to “hit” my daily goal I’ve decided to count every day with a 1 lb/week projected loss¬†to be a success. This way I’m not beating myself up if I hit a daily deficit that only projects a 1.2 lb/week loss instead of a 1.5 lb loss. Ya feel me? So this way I don’t get discouraged and hey one pound is a great thing! It’s all about baby steps and getting there slowly but surely.

So now you know how I’ve been doing but you’re like – come on Angie! You usually bombard us with pics from your personal Instagram when you’re feelin’ fine! Well luvs, I’ve started a new challenge for myself that has to deal with my use of social media and how it derails my fitness journey. However! My fitness Instagram will still be filled with many-a-selfie. But lookout for a post about social media and the toll it has on me – the good and the bad.

The rest of today looks good. I have class from 12-4 and then teach Zumba at night! Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to sweat! ‚̧

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