Why Everything Will Work Out If You Keep Going

So I’m not going to lie, these last two/three weeks have really tested me. Whether it be the fleas overrunning my apartment, my bank info being stolen, gaining a couple of pounds, learning my traffic ticket is $200+, waking up at 4:30 for work, starting senior year, having multiple breakdowns due to lack of sleep and everything falling apart at once – it’s been rough. But! Nothing can stop me from being my true happy, positive and fun self. Three days ago I would have said this first quarter of senior year was going to suck the life out of me. However, that’s all changing now. I restarted BBG this morning before I scooted off to Starbucks to enjoy multiple lattes and work on my senior project. And my senior project is…drum-roll please…designing and publishing a fitness and health magazine for my college campus! I was filled with joy yesterday when I met with my professor and he told me I could do a health and fitness magazine instead of a research magazine. Everything works out if you keep your head up and keep marching along.

So in regards to BBG (I know I said I was doing Elite Body by Bodybuilding.com buuuut with my schedule it makes more sense to work out at home) I started today and did Wk 1 Legs + Cardio. Now I’m notorious for restarting BBG and I’ve never finished (due to lack of motivation, getting sick/bored, etc, etc, excuses, excuses). But this time I’m in it for the long-run. I am doing it with my roommate and had us both write out goals and objectives for these 12 weeks (because you know I love my goal lists ❤ ). I’ll be doing the workouts out of order because I was too excited and couldn’t wait until Monday. I’ll get into my goals and objectives more with the next post but I’m ready to look hot for my Christmas vacay! 10 weeks and 13 lbs to go!

The mindset I have today is a complete 180 degrees from where I was at days ago. I’m relieved I’ve come out of my funk because I know how scary it can feel to feel down. Luckily I have a killer support system and know myself well enough to shake myself out of it. So smiles all around for Angie. I’m just sipping on my latte blogging my little heart away as I wait for my Zumba class to roll around. Life is good and I plan to make it even better. ❤

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