Here Lies My Social Life…and Here Comes Success

Oh boy. I logged into my blog and saw that it has been like an entire month since I’ve posted! I swear these last few months have thrown me off my game. I went from having all of this time to barely having enough time to get all of my work done and stay sane… So where am I at now? Well…
I’m in the second week of my final year of college and the stress is already consuming me. I haven’t had a breakdown (yet) but I’m not making any promises. In terms of my fitness and health, I’m a few pounds up from where I’ve been for the last 6+ months. So like what the heck man? I’ve been busting my butt in the gym and my weight lifting has gained some real momentum…So why haven’t I dropped the weight? Nutrition. I have always struggled with nutrition. Whether it be depriving myself and counting calories obsessively in high school or overeating the healthy foods now…I struggle. For some people the struggle is getting in the gym and for some it’s quitting fast food. I am stuck somewhere in the (very out-of-place) middle. It’s a rarity that I put fast-food into my body and 80% of the time I’m stoked to get in the gym. Everyone’s struggle is different though and this is mine. Therefore, I need to do something different. I can’t cut out soda or Taco Bell and lose 10 lbs in a month because I don’t put that in my body in the first place. My body is already accustomed to healthy food so that simple switch won’t do squat…and you know what? That sucks. But the magic is in the journey.

So here’s what I need to do – work hard – not just in the gym, but I need to work hard outside of the gym. I need to really focus on my nutrition and make a change. I’ve said I’ve been trying to transform my body, but have I really? Yes, I’ve been eating decently healthy (70%) of the time, but how much am I really eating? I can’t snack on fruit all day long just because “it’s healthy and unprocessed”. I am no longer going to make excuses that I’m eating healthy and putting in as much work or more than people my age. Maybe I am, but that’s not the point. Being average and giving mediocre effort isn’t going to get me shit.

What am I going to do to tackle this challenge? I’m going to buckle down and actually track my macros (not casually do it like I’ve said before, but actually and strictly do it). I am going to use a 40-40-20 ratio of protein, carbs and fat to hit my body goals for 4 weeks straight.

These 4 weeks are taken from Erin Stern’s 4 Week Elite Body program found on This program looks like the right fit for me and definitely looks like a challenge. It’s comprised of weight lifting sessions utilizing super sets and “to failure” set as well as HIIT cardio sessions. I am so stoked to start this program and am nervous/excited for my first workout tonight. As far as nutrition goes, I’m excited for progress and challenging myself with this much structure but also low-key dreading these next 28 days. Why? I woke up this morning at 4:30am to get ready for work. All I wanted to curb my grumpiness was some protein pancakes and almond butter..but what did I have to have? 3 egg whites (with no cheese) and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast (plain). Ugh. Mentally, I was not feeling it while I was cooking. But once I tasted my seasoned scrambled egg whites with lemon rosemary on top of my toast, the nagging voice in my head shut up for a bit. But then I got to work and a couple of hours went by. The hunger crept up and with it came my hangry side. Boy, did I want a chocolate/pb/spinach protein shake that would technically be considered healthy. But no. I got a scoop of protein powder in some water. The struggle was real and I was not a happy camper. I sucked it up and went on with my day. My mood switched when lunch came around. I had 30 minutes to make food before class and all I could think about it that I couldn’t take a nap instead. I did, however, make some bomb lemon pepper fish on the stove and put it on a bed of lettuce with half of an avocado and grape tomatoes (with a blob of balsamic glaze). That changed the game. That made me excited to cook on this plan because it was sooo good.

So that’s how these 28 days are going to be – an up and down roller coaster of emotions. Some days I’m going to be bursting with motivation and ready to conquer, and some days are going to be like today. But it will be worth it. 4 weeks isn’t that long of a time. It’ll fly by in no time and it’ll pass whether I work my ass off or not. So why wouldn’t I give all I got? Why wouldn’t I put in the effort for 4 short weeks and make a positive change? Being halfway-to-hot by Halloween doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

Okay, rant is over. Now it’s time to smash my to-do-list and make this year my best yet. Did I mentioned I just turned 22? The year has just begun for me and it’s going to be one wild ride.

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