So I’m Becoming A Yogi?

Yes, you read that right. I’m finally opening myself up to yoga and to be honest I’m really excited! I recently purchased Let’s Start Yoga by Jessica Olie and am loving her approach! I’m able to make my own flows and also “train” to improve certain power moves! For example, I’m super determined to get my splits and full king pigeon by the end of this year! She gives you great tips and also her ebook is so easy to follow along with!

So why have you ceased your perpetual hatred of Yoga, Angie? Well…I realized a few key things.

1) I’m not the type of person that enjoys yoga in a group setting. Getting me to go to a yoga class if like pulling teeth – I’ll do it (if you try hard enough) and I won’t really enjoy it. But! I did a 30 minute sesh last night – by myself, on the grass, only my thoughts and nature surrounding me – and it was pure bliss. So, therefore, solo yoga is the right yoga for me.

2) I can push for progress! Before I thought yoga meant going to classes and not feeling like you were so shitty with each class you went to. But now! Now I can look at every move as an opportunity for improvement. I can see how far I can sink into lizard pose and strive for better next time.

3) It is motivating as hell! Nothing feels better than realizing you look awesome in king pigeon and that yes, you can look even cooler! Also, when you notice your arms are sore from practicing your flows and specific poses it feels kick-ass. Plus, stretching is good for your bod yo!

So yes, I’m becoming a yogi – weight lifting – Zumba teaching badass. Let’s finish 2015 with some fire! ❤



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