Getting Back At It…

Well, it’s been a rough three weeks. Work, summer classes, trying to stay on top of all my fitness and health goals – I’ve waded a little too deep in the proverbial pool of life. But the worst is behind me and I’m ready to get back on track! A fun little recap. I did another one of those impromptu photo shoots on the beach with my friend and it was so fun! I am so excited to use these photos as progress photos and use them to motivate me to work harder!

DSC_0232edit DSC_0246edit DSC_0403edit DSC_0405edit


Also exciting update! I maxed 100 lbs on my back squat! Woooooooooooo! I know that’s not a lot but I’ve been slacking on upping my weight for squats. Now I feel good about working towards my year goal which was to squat 150 lbs by Christmas!

I feel like 3 weeks ago I was super happy with the progress I was making. I wasn’t dropping weight but my body felt tighter. Now I feel like I lost all of that progress. But I can and I will get it back! Determined and excited. This journey doesn’t have one single destination. It’s a constant ups and downs with little accomplishments along the way.

Also, I again must apologize for this entire month of blogging absence! I know I’ve apologized in about every post in August but I promise – now that my crazy busy summer is over I’ll blog every week at the very least! Be on the look-out for my next post featuring my plan to get back on track with September goals and thoughts! ❤

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