What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged…and it kinda has! I’m sorry luvs.

So I’ve been feeling good this past week. I’ve been keeping up with workouts and eating healthy 70% of the time. The key to being successful with this is being balanced. I need to find a balance with being social and going out to get food with friends and keeping my head down and getting workouts in and eating strictly. I definitely need to get stricter with my diet and focus on mindful eating.

There is no “perfect” only striving to be better…

This has been the 2nd week of my bootcamp plan and I am loving the whole process so far. I love motivating people and it’s making me realize (even more so than before) that I would love to do this big time.

So oddly enough, the self-esteem train just keeps on coming round ‘n’ round (I’m so cheesy I know). Whether I actually look better who knows. I probably won’t see a solid difference for about 4 more weeks of hard training. However! I feel so much better. I feel more confident in my clothes and I have a little spunk in my step. Also, I feel like my skin is looking better too (knock on wood)…btw I literally just knocked on wood #superstitious. 😛 Here are some photos of my bod-confidence. 🙂


I’m a ham I know…I put in a lil too much work into my Instagram (lol my bad). But feeling good is good people! Don’t let people tell you being happy and working what you got is always being conceited. There’s a difference between telling people how fabulous you are and telling yourself. So do you, boo boo.

For the first time in a long, long time I’m really stoked for my birthday (40 days, lol). I’m excited because I’m feeling confident that I’ll be happy with myself on that day. For the past couple of years I’ve always had this goal of looking super hot and being comfortable with myself “by my birthday”. I’ve never lived up to my expectations but this year…this year it feels different. No, I’m not on a fast-track to being a size 2 (btw not ever trying to get on that track). But I’m making my way to being a curvy, happy, and fit girl who loves herself! And that’s all I really ever wanted. ❤ Til next time.


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