Weekend Getaway 

So this week I ventured down the coast to my future home – (fingers crossed!) San Diego! I have always wanted to live there since I was little and moving to California definitely got me one step closer to that dream.

I went down to visit family but definitely had a little fitness fun too. I got to tour and sneak in a quick workout at FIT Athletic Club. OMGoodness people it was amazing. Like my university gym on steroids. Every machine you could ever think of, so many different rooms for different types of workout, and an outdoor pool where they host parties every weekend! Like what?! Shit was cray-bananas.

I also got my first ever Lorna Jane piece! Ahhhh so exciting! My fabulous mother bought me the shorts as an early birthday gift. I can’t stop wearing them everywhere. They’re so comfy and cute!

Aside from my fit life I had a great time enjoying some good food, drink and company. I was in heaven eating fish every night because let’s be real…college students don’t live on the most delicious things haha. Even though I ate some fun things I don’t feel like I went overboard and came back feeling refreshed and ready for a new week!

I’m hosting bootcamp with two of my really good friends tonight and am so stoked! Working out is always better with friends who push you. Also, one of my best friends told me I’m her motivation to get fitter and I felt so honored I wanted to cry! (Because underneath the wannabe badass vibe I’m a softy.)

I weighed myself this morning and was up a little since 2 weeks ago. Not too worried though because I know my body looks better and more toned. Screw the weight. I should know by now that I can look better without dropping tons of pounds. I just have to stay consistent and be happy and healthy. ❤️

Body image wise I’ve never felt better in my life. I NEVER wore swim suits around people. The only time I would put one on was to tan in my backyard where no one could see me. So now, feeling comfortable going to the pool 3-4 times a week and being around people in a bikini is a big freaking deal. I’m so happy I’ve made this mental change. Your mental health is just as important if not more than your physical health. You need to be happy with yourself in order to live a fulfilling life and that’s definitely something I’ve learned this year.

On a lighter note! I’ve gotten back into playing volleyball! So exciting for me because I played from middle school until freshman year of high school and absolutely loved it. I quit because of (surprise, surprise) self-esteem reasons. But I’m back at it! It’s such a great way to hang with people, get tan and get a workout in!

Well that’s it for now! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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